Curveballs and the Life of a Teenager

By Baleigh Grace Scheibner


I always used to feel bad when I
heard about someone getting hurt or breaking a bone, leaving them to only be
able to do certain things in their lives. I never really realized how hard it
was though, until I got my first ever concussion. It was a doozy! At first, I
thought I was fine and that I could just push through the pain. However, as
days passed, my headaches got worse and I was more tired than usual. (Which is
saying A LOT considering I’m a 17-year-old teenager…) I couldn’t concentrate on
anything and I told my Mom the same story three times in seven minutes! (That
should be a record) Anyway, the night I was forgetting tons of stuff was when
my Dad decided I needed to go to the doctors. I went and took the IMPACT Test.
Let me just say you do NOT want to take this test. It stinks, majorly. I failed
epically. The doctors gave me strict orders such as: stay in bed, drink lots of
water, don’t use electronics and under no circumstances NO driving.

first, I was fine with sleeping all day long and being a lazy bum, but then my
old friend BOREDOM paid me a visit. I got very very bored. Like, if boredom
were a movie, I would be the lead character… that is how bored I was. I
continued sleeping and resting for a week before I finally went back to the
doctors. My head still hurt a lot but I was determined to pass the test because
I had people to see and places to go! Unfortunately, God had other plans for
me. I failed the test again and I wasn’t able to go anywhere. Which meant the
same restrictions, plus, I wasn’t allowed to go to church. That was the hardest
restriction for me. I was SO upset. I did what I was told though and even when
I wasn’t tired I still tried to sleep. My sister-in-law brought her puppy,
Minion, to the house quite often and he was my constant sleeping partner when I
couldn’t seem to drift off.

third visit to the doctor was much better. I was cleared to start doing stuff
again and I was also allowed to go to prom, which was that very night. I was
ecstatic! Who cared if my head hurt afterwards I was going to prom!!! Prom was
great and my head only hurt a little bit afterwards. The next day I went to a
graduation and felt fine and dandy after a little nap. Things were starting to
look better for me! I got to start driving again and I also was able to start
swimming again, which I had been missing for the past three weeks. Everything
looked like it was going to go back to normal. Until Wednesday, that is, when I
went to the physical therapist. Apparently my eye reaction was off (still is) and
she was concerned that it was only going to get worse if I continued to do
certain things. Long story short, she told me that she didn’t want me driving,
or swimming, for another two weeks! In teenager years, that’s a century! I was
pretty upset that day.

night I was feeling really sorry for myself, so I pulled out my bible to see if
I could get cheered up by reading something. As I was reading, I realized that
I was only thinking about the things I didn’t have and the things I wasn’t
allowed to do, rather than the things I had! I had just gotten to go to prom!
And, my parents bought me a new phone that day. I was also gaining lots of
privileges to go and do stuff with my friends, much more than usual. I was
gaining so many things, yet all I could think about was what I didn’t have.
Anyway, what I really just wanted to say is this: God throws us curve balls in
many different ways and sometimes that’s His way of saying “Hey! Slow down for
a little bit and enjoy the things I have already given you!” God is a good God
to me and I’m thankful that He has shown me to be thankful for the things I
have and to cast all my cares upon Him. I’m still not allowed to do the things
I want to do, but it’s okay. He’s given me all I need and for that, I’m