Back To School…Your Most Important Supplies

It’s that time of year!



Back to school sales abound and the “must have” lists for
our kids seem endless.

Whether you’re a public school mom trying to check off
everything on your school’s required list…

IMG_0537Or a homeschool mom trying to fill out logbooks and purchase


Filling supply needs can seem like a full time job.

But really, what are the most important supplies for your
children’s school year? What are the essential components that will make this
year a success? What can you provide that will help you to understand,
undergird, and uphold your child through another year of academics,
relationships, and other challenges?

What do we need to help our children walk through the challenges that they will face with grace and compassion?

The answer isn’t found in textbooks, paper and pencils, or
the cutest school clothes on the block.

The answer isn’t found in activities, sports, or
extra-curricular activities.

The answer isn’t found in more friends, more outings, or
more clubs.

No, the answer is found in two simple and necessary places:
The Word of God and our times of prayer.


As we spend time in the Word of God we’ll find everything we
need to encourage our children, regardless of the issue they face.

As they face difficult relationships, sharing what we find
in the scripture about loving one another will give them the strength they need
to persist, even when their efforts seem fruitless. As we study God’s heart
toward us, we can easily encourage our children to extend Christ-like love to
those who are unlovely and unloving.

When our children struggle with schoolwork and homework that
threatens to overwhelm, verses like II Corinthians 4:17 and Galatians 6:9 will
strengthen them to persist with diligence. When we remind our children that God
wants them to do everything, even schoolwork, wholeheartedly, (Colossians 3:23)
and we then praise them for their good effort; we will be building confidence
and courage in their hearts.

When our children feel lonely…God’s Word has the answer.

When our children feel tired and stressed…God’s Word has the

When our children are overwhelmed, over-taxed, and
over-committed…God’s Word has the answer to help them to re-evaluate their
priorities and set boundaries.

(Hey moms, God’s Word has all those answers for us, too!)

The more time we spend in God’s Word and the more time we
spend sharing God’s Word with our children, the more this school year will
become secure, successful, and satisfying for our children.

God’s Word is your most valuable “Textbook”!

Along with the Word of God, our time in persistent and
consistent prayer is beyond any measure of worth in our children’s lives. Children,
who are bathed in daily prayer, will have the strength to face their daily

Consider the prayer needs of each of your children. I don’t
know about yours, but my children need prayer that: they would live
righteously, they would be sheltered from evil influences, they would make
God-honoring choices, they would build positive friendships, they would be bold
to stand for Christ, the list goes on and on.

When I share with my children what I am praying for them,
they are encouraged to live in a way that is worthy of Christ. They know that I
am praying daily for their struggles, their successes, and their relationships.
They are reminded that they have a Heavenly Father who cares passionately about

What could you pray for your children? For those children
that attend school away from home, it is important to pray for the daily
influences they face. Because so many of their struggles happen away from home,
they may not always be obvious. 

The wise
mom must pray for a discerning heart to recognize what is truly going on in her
child’s life.

For our homeschooled children, I have always prayed that
they would feel invested in by their family; not isolated from their friends.
Secure; not sequestered. Challenged; not chained. Treasured; not tethered.

pray regularly that they would know, without a doubt, that I am blessed by the
privilege I have to home educate them; not burdened by the challenge of having
them home all day.

Ask your children to share their prayer needs. Honor their
vulnerability by keeping those needs to yourself and only sharing them with the

Remember, if you promise to pray about somethingDo It! IStock_000019513109Medium 

Pray with your kids. Pray for your kids. Pray about your
kids. Pray before tests. Pray during challenging times. Pray after successes
and failures.

Just Pray!!!

You won’t go wrong if you pray for your children!

Sure, there are lots of supplies that need to be purchased
before this year begins. There are oodles of fun notebooks, sturdy erasers, and
eye-catching t-shirts available to start the year off with a bang. But the most
important acquisitions, by far, are the Word of God and your prayers for your
precious children.

Think about it mom, what will “Back To School” look like in
your home this year?

God Bless,



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