Being a Mom Means Waiting…Waiting… and More Waiting

I spent time waiting outside a surgical suite today. Another child needed surgery. This time some major oral surgery with its requisite bleeding and swelling.


Sitting and waiting is nothing new for this mother of eight kids. In fact, I’m somewhat of a “waiting pro.”

This time though, as I sat and prayed and waited for my own child, my thoughts were with another mother. Another mother waiting and praying just like me.


My seventeen-year-old daughter’s friend Austin recently had a massive stroke. Austin was a stand out soccer player on his high school team. He was known for gathering the underclassmen and praying before school. He was a leader among his peers.

Austin is a beloved friend and his stroke has caused his precious friends to come face to face with the frailty of life.

Austin is eighteen years old and his freshman year of college was about to begin.

Now, instead of the new life of a college freshman, Austin faces the reality of relearning all that he knew in his old life.

For Austin’s parents, preparations to send their son off to the start of a new adventure have been replaced by watching…and waiting…and praying…and hoping.

Three years ago, I wrote this blog about the waiting game that is such an inherent part of mothering. Following Austin’s progress via Facebook has brought back all of the memories; all of the feelings I experienced while the events of this blog were occurring.

I wish I could spare Austin’s parents from this terrible waiting. But just like them, all I can do is pray for Austin, pray for them, and watch as God does His best through our waiting.

Motherhood Is A Waiting Game (Reprinted from 2010)


I just watched as my third daughter, Molly was wheeled away on a hospital gurney. After months of dealing with a complicated health issue, finally, she will find relief through surgery. So away she wheels and here I sit.

 And I wait, and wait, and wait.

I wish I were the one being wheeled down the hall! My mother’s heart would much prefer to deal with the pain and discomfort involved in this surgery, rather than watching my “little girl” go through such an ordeal. But, that is not how God would have it.

His plan, in His wisdom, is growth through pain for Molly and growth through waiting for me.

So much of this journey of Motherhood has involved waiting.

I waited, (impatiently, I might add) for the births of all of my children.

I waited, (again impatiently) for the day they would accept Christ as their personal Savior.

I waited, and many times still wait, for the acknowledgement of sin in their lives and the subsequent repentance and growth.

I’ve waited for them to arrive home late at night.

I’ve waited for them to reach goals and milestones.

I’ve waited to see the choices they would make and the outcome of those choices.

Obviously, God has a plan for my life in all of this waiting. A plan that He wants me to embrace, but a plan that too often, I impatiently avoid.

Allow me to share the beginnings of what God has been teaching me through all of this waiting.

Isaiah 40:31 “Those that wait on the Lord will gain new strength. The will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.”

This is my desire! I want to gain new strength to please God daily and especially to please Him in my parenting. It is waiting that perfects this process in my life. Lord, teach me to wait!

God loves these children even more than I can imagine. I LOVE my kids, but God loves them more. I can trust that He is working all of the trials, decisions, hard times, and choices in their lives for His glory and their good. Romans 8:28 reminds me of this promise. Lord, help me to remember Your promises!

The last chapter in my children’s lives is written by God; not by me. When I impatiently try to rush a conclusion or push an agenda, I am interfering on Holy Ground. It is God alone who knows His plan for my children. Philippians 1:6 reminds me that God will patiently carry on His good work in my children’s lives.Lord, teach me to trust You!

I must wait. I must remember.  And finally, I must trust.

So here I sit…learning to wait with patience, knowing that the promises that God has made concerning my children are the same promises He has prepared for my own growth and good.


I guess the waiting is worth it after all!

Praying for you, as I pray for me, that our waiting would not be in vain, but instead would grow and perfect us in Christlikeness.

Oh, and if you could please remember…Pray for Austin!