Lease Your Legos? Brilliant!

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Forget childbirth with its inherent pain…

Forget my herniated disc…

Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares with the excruciating pain of stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night!


There I was, quietly minding my own business. Suddenly, the pain exploded from the sole of my foot to the very core of my being.


I resisted the urge to awaken and annihilate the guilty culprits and carefully limped back to my bed.

Ever been there?

If you have children, especially male children, I know that you know what I mean!

With eight children, Legos have been an integral part of our family for the last 20 years.

We’ve constructed cars,

And houses,

And castles,

And towns.

We’ve relived Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and many a “Princess” story.


Legos have provided learning opportunities for my reluctant students, goal incentives for my over-achievers, and hours of fun for everyone in between.

But sadly, Legos have also provided me with two distinct problems.

The first is this…

As part of our ministry, we publish and bind hundreds of books. Bookbinding is mind numbing, boring, “I’d rather eat tree bark” type of work. I hate bookbinding!

One day, I had an amazing revelation. I remembered that I had given birth to an entire army of bookbinders; an army that would work for food, clothing, and a little something extra. What was that little something extra, you might ask? The answer was simple…Legos!

We struck a deal with that army of bookbinders and we’ve never looked back. Here’s the problem. As my bookbinders matured the simple, (read inexpensive) Lego sets were no longer a challenge.

They wanted the BIG ones…


The $399.00 mega, super, gigantic, EXPENSIVE ones!!

They were never ever going to be able to bind enough books to earn those super duper sets! Their disappointment was palpable and I felt like an awful employer and an even worse mother.

That is, I felt awful until I discovered a great new resource for parents. As I was sitting in the orthodontist’s waiting room once again, I noticed an ad that intrigued me.

A new company had been formed. A company that treated Legos the same way that Netflix treats movies. For a small monthly fee, this company would provide us with as many Lego sets as my kids could build. And these weren’t just the simple sets.

No…they had the super, mega, gigantic sets that my boys were craving!

I snapped a picture of the ad with my iPhone
and contacted the company as soon as we arrived home.

That afternoon, I began a new relationship with Pleygo. The owners of Pleygo “get it.” They have children themselves and they know how expensive Legos can be to purchase. They saw a need and found a creative and innovative way to fill that need.

I love it!

Now, my boys work binding books to pay their monthly subscription to Pleygo. They watch eagerly for their new sets to arrive and they keep super accurate work records to ensure that their subscription never lapses.

It’s a win-win!

But what about that second problem I mentioned? Well, once again it’s Pleygo to the rescue.

As the mother of boys, three of them in or past their teen years, I’ve noticed a common theme. There’s a sad, yet predictable progression when it comes to boys and their toys.

First it’s the little green army guys
 Yep, the writers of Toy Story
got it right…Goodbye Sarge…


Then, their Legos get tucked away into the darkest recesses of their closet…

Then, (drum roll, please) THEY START TO LIKE GIRLS!!!

Oh yes, the first time I thought it was an anomaly.

I was sure that boy-child #2 wouldn’t succumb.

But now, as boy-child #3 has given away his army buddies…packed away his Legos…and quite disturbingly begun to mention girls on a regular basis, I know that my observations are correct.

Do you know what that means?

Someday, I will have purchased 109,654,321,477 Legos (more or less). Which reminds me of that old adage, “Like a plane, or yacht, or any other black-hole you can pour your money into… Don’t buy what you can rent!!”


No more buyers’ remorse for me! Instead I’ll have “Renter’s Rejoice!”

The Pleygo folks are brilliant! Now for one low monthly fee we can rent all the Legos we can handle.

Pleygo’s “rent to play” concept means that someday, (sooner than I’d like) I’ll stroll through my home with no fear.

Someday, I’ll have closet space, under-bed space, shelf-space…

Someday, the only Legos in my home will be the ones I squirrel away for the grandkids. You know, the “Old School” ones with sentimental value.

Pleygo has been a life-changer for us and I’m thrilled to share my new discovery with you! Check them out today by clicking the link and begin building your kid’s “Wish List.” It’s easy, sanitary, (trust me, I checked that out) and exciting!

What a winning combination…my kids get the Legos they want and I’ll never bind another book. Life is good!

Looking for some great gift ideas? A Pleygo subscription makes a fantastic birthday, holiday, or “You’re a great kid!” gift.

Grandparents…what a great way to bless your grandkids every month of the year!

Happy building…but watch out for those stray nighttime assassins!