Of Dreams and Dreamers

So what’s your dream?


Do you dream of composing music that will soothe the soul and refresh the spirit?

Do you dream of art and a masterpiece that will magnify life to the onlooker?

Perhaps your dream involves people and meeting their myriad needs.

One thing I’ve learned as I’ve walked with, talked with, and learned from amazing people all over the world is this: There is no such thing as an “unimportant” dream. Whatever God has laid on your heart is the dream that you, and you alone, are uniquely equipped to fulfill.

The dreamers I’ve met have some things in common.

They think so much BIGGER than the everyday.

Their dreams would seem impossible to others; but to the dreamer those impossibilities turn into probabilities.

Complications that to many would be roadblocks; to the dreamer are “opportunities”.

Dreamers aren’t stopped by the naysayers and they aren’t frightened by the enormity of their dreams. They take their everyday experiences and chalk them up to dream-building collateral. They watch closely to see how every opportunity and every chance encounter can take them one step closer to making their dream come true.

I love being with dreamers!

They energize me…

They stimulate me…

And perhaps most importantly, they encourage me to live my dreams, embrace my dreams, and make my dreams come true.

Let me ask you again? What’s your dream? What’s that “Oh I so want to…” thought that captivates, excites, maybe even haunts your quiet moments?

Whatever it is, whatever your dream, please know this: 

It’s important!

It’s needful!

And incredibly…It’s yours!

How will you make your dream come true?


Have you ever taken the time to consider your dream? Why not do so today?