The Responsibility of Ownership

The day you admit you are who your dream says you are is an exciting fireworks bursting, cannons booming kind of day.


The next day…

Reality hits.

Once you announce to the world and to yourself that you’re an artist… or writer… or entrepreneur… or counselor… or speaker…

Or, whatever your particular dream conveys, suddenly your “fun” little dream has expectations of production attached to it.

Are you ready for those expectations?

Are you ready to be called upon to produce results?

Are you fully committed to seeing that dream come true?

You’d better make sure!

Because if you lack the commitment…

If you want to “talk” the dream without “walking the dream…

If you don’t want others involved in your dream…

Please, don’t put yourself in the position of having to live up to a dream that you aren’t ready to own.

A dream that you aren’t willing to allow to own you.

But if you are ready, willing, and able get ready! Once you fully embrace your dream and fully grasp what it means to fulfill your dream… Great things will happen.

There is nothing more satisfying that doing exactly what you have been uniquely qualified to do. When you are in the midst of living out your dream, time will fly and your soul will be filled.


Don’t get me wrong…

Sometimes, fulfilling what you’ve always dreamed of doing can be absolutely exhausting.

Absolutely draining.

Absolutely overwhelming.

But, boy oh boy, what a great exhausting, draining, overwhelming feeling.

I have to admit; sometimes I’m tired physically FROM living my dream…

But, I am never tired OF living my dream.

For me, there are times that writing is tedious and words are hard to find. But those times are more than made up for during the moments that the words are tumbling over themselves, anxious to find life in whatever I’m writing. I love it!

Nothing beats the feeling!

To be honest, I never feel closer to God than I do when the creative, dreaming process is in full-speed ahead mode. The more I realize just how God placed this dream in my heart, the freer I am to feel His pleasure as I live fully in that dream.

Dream living is soul-satisfying living.

What dreams are satisfying your soul, today?


Are you feeding your dreams? Well-fed dreams bring joy and fulfillment!