Your Everyday… One Day at a Time

Your Everyday… One Day at a Time

How did you spend your day?

Did you cook? And clean? And wipe noses, change diapers, and break up fights? Wash dishes and faces and stinky socks?


Did you drive to work? Fill your cubicle and punch your time card?

Did you wonder…Where is my dream in the middle of “just another day of doing the same old same old”? Where oh where has it gone? Will I ever find my dream?

Don’t despair!

Your dream is right there. Right in the middle of dirty diapers and runny noses. Smack dab in the center of paperwork, and housework, and the everyday humdrum, “isn’t there more to life than this” work.


Everyday, as you faithfully fulfill your daily duties you build the discipline needed to reach your dream. You stretch and stress those muscles you’ll need to do the hard work necessary to reach your dream. As you strive for excellence in even the mundane, you build patience, and perseverance, and the character that will keep you going when your dream is difficult.

Trust me, I understand your impatience.

I remember the hours in my farmhouse kitchen canning peaches. The mundane repetition of slipping wet skins off the slippery fruit allowed my mind to race with story ideas. Stories of naughty children, and courageous heroes, and mysterious strangers, and famous athletes took form and flitted in and out of my thoughts.

Did I write those stories?


For years, my job was simply to can those peaches… wash those dishes… train those children.


When the time came, my mind was ready. All those hours of daydreaming stories found life in books, and blogs, and emails, and Bible studies.

The time wasn’t wasted, it was time spent growing, and developing, and discarding, and changing, and editing, and refining.

All in my mind!

As you dutifully cross out another day of faithfulness on the calendar of your life, you are building the stuff of dreams.


So don’t despise the everyday.

Everyday is building your mental resume.

Everyday is preparing your passionate pursuit.

Everyday is developing your daring dream.

Everyday is just what you need to build your future… One everyday at a time!


Keep dreaming,


Don’t despair when daily duties threaten to overwhelm. Take those everyday “dailies” and make them your training ground for developing the foundation of your daring dreams.