It’s Our Time Now

I had a wonderful time last week at a United In Purpose Technologies Summit. (Even writing that last line makes me want to laugh out loud. Megan Scheibner and technologies just don’t seem to go together!)

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But go together they did. It was a stretching, learning, and convicting time for me. Check out this list of some of the notable attendees and tell me if you notice anything strange. 

  1. James Dobson
  2. Tom DeLay
  3. Michael Farris
  4. Megan Scheibner
  5. George Barna 

Yep, #4…that name just doesn’t seem to fit. And at first, that’s how I felt. What in the world was I doing in company with these great thinkers? What part could I have in their world? 

But then I listened. I listened to George Barna talk about the disturbing trends in our American culture. I caught James Dobson’s heartbeat as he talked about the different cultures in our world; those “God Is” and “God Isn’t” schools of thought. I heard their discouragement about politics, marriage policies, and protecting the right to life. I listened to men, tired from the battle, asking us to hold on and never give up. I was tempted to be discouraged.


Tempted, but not overtaken. Why?

Because man after man turned the topic to their one burning and central passion. The family. Man after man shared his heart about the need to change the culture of the American family. They spoke movingly about the urgency of reestablishing character and courage and commitment as the foremost American ideals.

That’s when I got it; when I knew why I was there.

Steve and I are passionate about families. We sit around at night comparing bold, world-changing ideas. We truly believe we can have an impact for Christ…One family at a time.

Sometimes, I think we’re nuts! But let me tell you this… If we’re crazy, we spent last week in good company. To a person, those great thinkers were just as crazy as us!

Those men (and women) truly believe that we can radically change our American culture. They don’t think it will be politics, or legislation, or even the pulpit that will bring about that lasting change. No, they believe with all their heart that permanent and positive change will come about as dedicated parents pour themselves into training a new generation of courageous leaders.

Steve and I are thrilled to be part of that battle. We’re spending our lives trying to reach parents; trying to equip those same parents with the tools they need to raise Christlike and Character healthy kids.

But you, you are part of that battle as well.

Every time you say, “No, I know you can do better; go back and try again,” you are waging war with the culture.

When you demand respect and instill virtue and praise your children’s positive and proactive choices, you are battling the prevailing culture of “Good enough”. 

When your entire family is willing to sacrifice self-gratification in order to promote others-oriented service, you are establishing yourselves as Culture-Changers. 

The old vanguard is tired and battle-worn. It’s time for us, the parents of this next generation of leaders, to step up, engage, and wage war for our God.

Are you ready? Will you join Steve and I in training a new generation of Christlike, Characterhealthy leaders?

The stakes are high and our children’s futures are at stake. This is a battle We.Cannot.Lose.

We’re on board… Are you?