A 25-Day Countdown to a Character-Filled Christmas Day #2


Day #2

Matthew 20:28

Now that we’ve made the commitment to building great character for these 25 days until Christmas, it’s time to get to work! For character qualities to truly become habits and an intregral part of our personalities, they must be put into action. Today’s character quality is the character of a servant and servants always take action!

Our world is full of people who want to be waited on and people who expect to be served. What we’re short of are people who have a genuine desire to serve others. A character of service isn’t developed when we serve someone once.

No, to develop a heart that is the heart of a servant, we must practice serving others over and over again.

In order to become a servant to others, we must first learn to recognize those around us who are needy. Whether spiritually needy, emotionally needy, or physically needy, we all know others who would be blessed by our attention and service.

Spend some time today discussing the needs of those in your family and closest circle of friends. When our children are just learning to serve, reaching out to those whom they already know will take any fear out of the serving process. Serving together, with their family, will help our children to serve boldly and courageously. 

The Lord Jesus was our greatest example of servanthood. As we study His life and how He pro-actively noticed needs and then filled those needs, we will learn to serve as Christ. His is the perfect example! As you walk through the day, encourage your children to think of ways that they could serve others as the “hands” of Jesus.

Think creatively. What could your family do to provide service to someone else? Do you have an elderly neighbor with a yard full of leaves waiting to be raked? Do you know a young couple that could use a night out away from their baby? Is there someone ill who needs a meal, or a single friend who would love to be included in your own family’s mealtime? The opportunities are as endless as the people you already know!

While you’re working on becoming a family who serves, don’t forget to continue practicing commitment! Each character quality builds and enhances the next character quality. Commitment to serving will become a natural part of your family’s life as you practice serving others diligently. After serving those you already know, reaching out to the unknown, and sometimes unlovely, will become easier and easier for your entire family.

Discuss, decide, and develop a plan to carry out your family’s service to someone today. You’ll be an encouragement to others and I know your family will have fun in the process!

Tomorrow we’ll combine your commitment and service as we take them to the next level on Day #3 of the Countdown to a Character-Filled Christmas.