A 25-Day Countdown to a Character-Filled Christmas Day #4


Day #4

Hebrews 9:12

We’ve committed to serving others. Our sacrificial character is being molded as we cheerfully surrender what belongs to us for the good of others. Today, we’ll see how service and sacrifice, when combined, can be a powerful agent of eternal significance in the lives of those less fortunate than us.

Serving our family and friends provides a great avenue for family enjoyment while extending help to others. However, when we begin to serve those whom we don’t know, those who are in less fortunate circumstances than us, we will really begin to see our family character stretch and grow. As well, we’ll see our efforts multiplied in an abundance of spiritual fruit.

When I was young, elderly people and poor people frightened me. I was never exposed to either group of people and that ignorance of their lives and circumstances handicapped my ability to serve them sacrificially. Please, don’t let your children fall into that fearful trap!

Although it may be stretching to serve folks from a different sphere of life, it can also be one of the best moments in your family history. Take the time necessary to talk to your children about the challenges faced by homeless people, or disabled people, or the elderly, then find a way to serve one of those groups.

Serving those who aren’t necessarily “comfortable” to serve is sacrificial service.

When we serve sacrificially, our service is especially powerful. Contact a local church or charity and ask how you can sacrificially serve others this Christmas season. As our families pour drinks, spoon out mashed potatoes, and spend time talking to and investing in needy people, we will become more compassionate, more merciful, and ultimately, more thankful. All wonderful character qualities that with repetition will then become habitual practices for life.

Christ was known as a friend to sinners. He didn’t earn that name because He wanted to become like the sinners He served. No, He was their friend because He recognized that He had something they desperately needed; He had the answer to their sin and seperation from God. He recognized that their physical needs paled in comparison to their spiritual needs.

Like our Savior, we have something that people need. Daily, we are surrounded by those who are lost and in need of a Savior. As we sacrificially meet their physical needs, we will earn the right to share with them the truth about their spiritual needs. Our physical service will open the door for spiritual wholeness.

Is there anything we wouldn’t sacrifice in order to see someone come to the saving knowledge of Christ?

Service is wonderful. Sacrificial living is stretching. When the two are combined, they build character that is life-changing and other’s oriented. How will you sacrificially serve today?