A 25-Day Countdown to a Character-Filled Christmas Day #15



Day #15
Proverbs 19:17

Although generosity is a character quality that should be exhibited every day of the year, perhaps no season makes being generous easier than the Christmas season. Everywhere you go there are opportunities to generously serve and encourage others.

Is your family a generous family? If so, Christmas should be a heyday of exciting ideas and opportunities for generosity. But what if your family isn’t characterized by being generous to others? Is it too late to learn how to be generous before Christmas?

No, actually Christmas may be the best season possible for us to break into the generosity cycle.

The most generous people aren’t necessarily the richest people. Actually, generous people come from all stations of life. What’s necessary in order to be generous isn’t financial prowess, but a heart that is committed to giving to others.

Generous people don’t worry about what they don’t have to give; they focus on what they already have available that would be helpful or useful to others.

Call a family team meeting. Assign each family member to research and find someone, or some organization, to which your family can show generosity. Convene for the evening and plan to meet again the following day.

The next day, have each family member share his or her discoveries. Consider how to make those ideas workable. Sometimes, being generous means choosing to do with less ourselves. That isn’t a terrible hardship; rather it is a wonderful and life-changing lesson.

As our families learn to sacrifice for others, we will learn to be grateful givers, not selfish self-protectors.

Do you want your children to learn to love giving generously? If so, I would encourage you to find a family with children the same age as your own children and who is in less fortunate circumstances. Have your children plan gifts for the other family that are gifts that they know that they would be excited to receive. If at all possible, make arrangements to personally deliver those gifts to the other family.

When our children realize that there are other children, just like them, who are lacking some of the many things that they take for granted, they will begin to embrace the character quality of generosity. They will soon begin to look for opportunities to sacrifice some of their things for the good of another child.

Honestly, we will never “out give” the Lord! However, as we imitate His generous character we can show a lost world the beauty of a generous God. Help your children to become Christ-imitators by teaching them to love giving generously.

Generosity is a contagious character quality. As you become characterized by being generous, your children will catch the “Generosity Bug”; they will want to be just like you. What a privilege it is to live a generous life and to see our children follow our example by living their lives generously as well!