A 25-Day Countdown to a Character-Filled Christmas Day #24


Day #24

Romans 8:6

Do you want a home that is permeated by the character quality of peacefulness?

I know that I do!

A peaceful home will become a safe haven for our own families, as well as a sanctuary to friends and acquaintances who are looking for a calm refuge during their own times of stress.

A peaceful home is a welcoming home.

A peaceful home is a joyful home.

But a peaceful home doesn’t just happen!

To develop the character quality of peacefulness in our homes, we must be diligently working on all of the other character qualities that we’ve been counting down. As those character qualities are put firmly in place, the level of peacefulness in our homes will grow by leaps and bounds. Let me explain…

When our pre-Christmas to-do list is long, but time and money are short, a peaceful home is often the casualty. However, when our families have worked hard to develop the character qualities of kindness, gentleness, and loyalty, we can push through the stress together, trusting that no one will damage each other by their words or actions.

When it just seems as though Christmas Day will never arrive and our children are chomping at the bit for the Big Day, the time spent developing patience and self-control will pay huge dividends. Instead of wasting time complaining about the wait, we will be prepared to take the initiative to fill our time serving others.

When the burden of buying gifts, making the meals, or providing the finances needed for holiday purchases threatens to overwhelm, knowing that our families are thankful for our hard work will lessen the load. Seeing their gratitude for all we provide will encourage us as we press on to make the holiday special.

When we begin to long for more “stuff,” and find ourselves discontent with what we already have, a well-developed character of generosity toward others will take our eyes off of ourselves and our own wants. Compassionately reaching out to those less fortunate will make us grateful for our own home and family.

Romans 8:6 makes it clear that when our mind is set on the desires of the flesh, we will only experience death. By contrast, when we set our mind on the Spirit, we will experience life and peace.

Developing Spirit-led and Christ-honoring character will help us to keep our mind set on the Spirit.

Positive character produces peace.

When good character is lacking and we cannot be confident in how our family members will respond to stress or stressful situations, we lack the security of a peaceful home. Will you continue your commitment to developing great character?

The peacefulness of your home depends upon it!