How To Turn One Month Into Three…


December 31, 2013 seems like such a long time ago…

That’s when I excused myself for a short (one month) break from blog writing.

It’s amazing how quickly one month can become two, then three, then three plus months!


So much has happened in our family in the last three months. Life in the Scheibner household is always busy, but the last three months have rushed by at a breathtaking pace. It’s been overwhelming, even for a family that’s used to craziness.

You know, I’ve never been a scrapbook keeper. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’ve tried! Well meaning friends have purchased me books and supplies. Professional scrapbookers have tried to inspire and encourage me, but all to no avail.

My excuse has always been that I didn’t want to spend my days watching life happen through a lens. I’ve never wanted to be a recorder, rather than a participant.

Turns out, that a pen and paper, or a keyboard and screen, can act very much like a camera lens.

There are times that I find myself hiding behind the space bar and return key. Watching the world through words and reflections, rather than actions and relationships.

The last three months have required…No, demanded, that I step from behind the screen and participate fully. And, you know what? I’m so glad I listened to the voice of my loved ones calling me to slow down, stop composing in my head, and fully engage in the life God has given us.

The last three months have been a series of ups and downs, highs and lows, zigs and zags. The last three months have stretched me, at times scared me, but ultimately, blessed me greatly.

We welcomed our little granddaughter, Kaleigh Joy. Many of you read dear Rochelle’s blog about losing our first granddaughter, Alexis. Kaleigh is an answer to prayer and a precious new member of our family. There is nothing sweeter than watching her young uncles dote over her lovingly.

  Photo 3

We faced a cancer diagnosis with our daughter, Molly. We’re still walking her through procedures and surgery, but the spiritual growth in her life has been wonderful to witness. Now, with the announcement of her May wedding, we face a new chapter of interacting with her as a married woman. We’re so excited to welcome her sweet Drew into our craziness!


One grandchild just isn’t enough! In February, Emma announced that she and Steve will deliver their sweet baby in September. We couldn’t be more excited and I love hearing Emma and Rochelle discussing “pregnancy issues!” There’s just something about seeing your own “baby” with a “baby bump”…

Photo 5

Baleigh finally completed high school after having to take a break because of last spring’s brain injury. January saw her begin college, working toward a degree in Communications. She’s happy and thriving, which of course, makes me happy. Last year’s trip to Kenya affected her deeply and she’s headed back to serve in the orphanage for two months this summer.

  Photo 4

What about the other Scheibners? As always, our days are filled with conferences, airline trips, baseball games, swim meets, church, teaching, and general busyness. Just to keep life interesting, we finished building our new home and moved in during one of North Carolina’s rare snowstorms. The college boys who helped us move were snowed in, which made arranging and rearranging the furniture a piece of cake!! We would have been lost without Pete, Nic, and our other Peter!

Photo 2

What have the last three months taught me? As always, the biggest lesson is this: God Is Good! Whether it’s joyful moments like the birth of a grandchild, or scary moments like a cancer diagnosis, the truth is still the same.

God Is Good… All The Time! 

So, I’m back and I can’t wait to share God’s goodness with you in the coming months. Aren’t you glad that regardless of our circumstances, we have a God who cares, Who strengthens, and Who loves us in the midst of the craziness?

I know I am!

God bless,