Zig Zagging Part 1

Don’t you wish your life were always a straight path?


When you make plans, set goals, prepare schedules… Don’t you wish that your days would just cooperate? 

I know I do!

The truth is this: When my day goes according to my plans I can be so sweet. My mood, my mouth, and my actions can be kind and winsome. It’s easy to smile. Easy to laugh. Easy to relax and just enjoy…

However, when my plans get destroyed… Watch out!

When the car won’t start…

A child breaks a wrist…

The bills outnumber the paychecks…

It’s those times that I find it hard to smile. I slump in dejection. I worry and fret. I focus in on those three primary questions:

Why me?

Why now?

Why can’t it be easy?

I don’t know the answers to all those questions, but thankfully, I know the One who does. God knows “Why me?” God knows “Why now?” and God knows just why life isn’t easier.

Around here, we call it the Zig Zag. We convince ourselves that we know the shortest, straightest, easiest path to our goals, but often, God knows that the best, most profitable, most growth-producing path to reach His goals in our lives isn’t a straight line; it’s a Zig Zag.

Sometimes, Zig Zags are difficult. They include physical pain, or emotional grief, or relational loss. They are the type of pressure that keeps us awake at night and greets us first thing in the morning.

Sometimes, Zig Zags are exciting. A new birth, or an unexpected raise, or the sweetness of a new relationship will quickly take us from the straight path and realign our lives and priorities.

Zig Zags are common to us all. And, whether they are difficult or exciting, they produce the same predictable outcome… Change to the status quo.

The greatest growth and change in our lives often comes through the most difficult or life-altering Zig Zags. Although they seem disruptive in the short-term, the long-term fruit of challenging Zig Zags can change us to become more like Christ.

If we let them.…

You see, it’s entirely possible to ignore the Zig Zag. We certainly have the ability to forge on and insist on doing things “our way.” We can disregard and dismiss the lessons God is trying to teach us through the Zig Zags. We can lower our heads and stubbornly press forward.


But, why would we?

Embracing the Zig Zags of life will free us and allow God to bring change and maturity into our lives. He has important lessons for us in the Zig Zags. Lessons that we would never learn if everything went “our way.” 

For the next few blogs, let’s look at those lessons. Let’s learn what beauty and blessing God has for us in those disruptive Zig Zags of life. Let’s grow together! One thing is certain, we can’t escape the Zig Zags; so let’s embrace them instead.

To prepare for what’s coming, may I leave you with three truths about God? These three truths are the foundation we need, in order to not only survive the Zig Zags, but to thrive in the midst of the twists and turns.

Truth #1

God will protect you in the Zig Zag. He knows what’s happening and He will protect you, His child.

Truth #2

God will provide for you during the Zig Zag. He knows what you need and He isn’t just willing, He’s eager to provide for you.

Truth #3

God is passionate about you throughout the Zig Zag. Actually, He’s passionate about you every moment-Zig Zag or not! You are the object of His deepest affection.

Zig Zags are challenging for sure. But, as we remember God’s protection, provision, and passion for us, we’ll be strengthened to whole-heartedly grip the Zig Zag and squeeze every lesson God has for us out of it. 

Remember, whether we Zig, or we Zag… We MUST do the Zig Zag for God’s glory!


God bless,