Zig Zagging Part 3

Can I be honest with you?

Sometimes, I just think too small.

I serve this awe-inspiring, tremendous, mountain-moving God and yet, I sweat the small stuff. I worry about the miniscule. I doubt in the dark what I know to be true in the light.


When you boil it all down, that’s really why the zig zags are so fear producing in our lives. We fear because we forget that God’s ways are higher than our ways.

While He’s looking for spiritual growth… we worry about deadlines.

While He wants to woo a heart into submission… we settle for obedience.

While He is patiently perfecting His children… sometimes, all we want is a little peace and quiet.

He always focuses on our eternal good, while, too often, we just want to get through the day.

I’m ashamed of how earthly minded I can become!

Jesus always, always, always took the time to focus on the “who” that stood in front of Him. He focused on their hurts, their fears, their needs… their hearts.

How many times have I looked passed the “who” and instead, been distracted by the clock, the schedule, the urgency of the moment?

Far too many times!

It’s so easy to get handcuffed by the “stuff” of life, and when that happens, I lose sight of the bigger picture. God never loses sight of that bigger picture. He never gets so caught up in the earthly that He loses sight of the eternal.

He keeps His eye on the goal and uses the zig zags in the process of getting us there.

When I worry more about the mess, than the masterpiece my son has created, I’m focused on the earthly.

When I worry about arriving late, rather than taking the time to restore a relationship, I’m focused on the earthly.

When I care more about clean clothes, clean faces, and Bibles in hand, than I do about prayed up, confessed up, worshipful hearts, I’m focused on the earthly.

When my focus is earthly, I’ll be floored by the zig zags. A late assignment, a missed appointment, an unexpected bill will ruin my day and loosen my tongue… always to the detriment of others.


When I remember that God’s ways are higher than my ways, those same annoyances become an opportunity for growth and sometimes, an open door to minister His love to others.

God isn’t just producing growth in everyone else with those irritating zig zags… He wants to grow me up, too.

When I can remember that God’s ways are higher than my ways, I can look at zig zags as avenues of opportunity. Opportunities, whether for personal growth, others-oriented ministry, or soul-stirring worship aren’t fear producing… they’re faith-building.

So, zig zags will come. They will. They’re inevitable.

But we don’t have to fear the inevitable zig zags when we remember…

God knows stuff we don’t know


His ways are higher than our ways!

God bless you on the zig zag path,