Date Night! Bonefish Grill, Brandywine, Maryland

We are excited to share our Bonefish Grill Restaurant Review in Brandywine, Maryland.   We loved getting the opportunity to be spoiled and enjoy a Date Night after speaking at the Teach Them Diligently conference in Washington, DC.  The conference was great and we had a blast! We met new friends, shared resources, and taught on marriage and parenting. It was a wonderful, spiritual-cup-filling time.

But… It was exhausting!

By Saturday evening my feet hurt, my head ached, and I just wanted to collapse. That’s why I was so excited when Bonefish Grill in Brandywine, Maryland offered to host Steve and me for dinner.

Photo 1

I love Bonefish because I can always count on any dinner date becoming a special occasion. Date night at Bonefish guarantees a great meal, friendly service, and a relaxed atmosphere.

The Bonefish in Brandywine was no exception!

After being greeted by the friendly manager, Mark, we were escorted to our booth. There, our sweet and bubbly server, Marise, made us feel welcome and she quickly brought us drinks and bread. It’s hard not to fill up on the yummy bread they serve, but I managed to practice some self-control.

  Photo 7

Although we don’t usually eat appetizers, we couldn’t resist their seasonal special… Shrimp stuffed with lobster. Wow was it ever good! Having lived in Maine for 12 years, I thought I’d tried every variation of lobster. Boy was I wrong!

I strayed off the regular path when I ordered dinner by choosing a bowl of their corn and crab chowder and the appetizer portion of bacon wrapped scallops. One of my friends commented that we’ll probably eat those scallops in heaven and I think he’s right. Huge perfectly cooked scallops wrapped in bacon… What could be better?

Photo 8

If you’ve never tried Bonefish’s corn and crab chowder, I highly recommend it. Virtually every time we eat at Bonefish, I have the chowder and it is consistently smooth, flavorful, and packed with crabmeat.

My husband thoroughly enjoyed his dinner of scallops and shrimp, but I must confess that I caught him stealing bacon and scallop bites off of my plate, too.

 Photo 2

We barely had room for dessert, but we managed somehow. I had my absolute favorite, Key Lime Pie, and it was cool and creamy. Steve predictably chose the cheesecake and for someone who wasn’t hungry, he still managed to clean his plate.

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Thank you Bonefish Grill  for providing such a wonderful end to our crazy busy weekend. In the midst of serving others, we were cared for, catered to, and absolutely well fed. Well done!

Make sure to plan a visit to Bonefish Grill soon. You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Bonefish Grill.  All opinions are my own.