When There’s More Questions Than Answers

Mom, Mom, MOM!

Do you sometimes feel as though everyone needs you and you’re the answer to every question?

I sure do!


Somedays, I just want to shout, “Mommy doesn’t live here anymore!”

So many questions… All the time!

Little questions, like:

“Why does A have to equal B” (I never get that one right?)

“Didn’t you say the Oreos were mine?” (Did I? I honestly can’t remember…)

“Where is that car in front of us going?” (Oh, so many opportunities for sarcasm there…)

And, big ones… Hard ones like:

“Do you think anyone thinks I’m pretty?”

“Why did God let Matt’s mom get cancer?”

“How will I know the ONE?” 

What’s a mom to do with so many questions? So many uncertaintys, unknowns, “un”understandable circumstances and situations?

It can feel overwhelming and scary to be the Keeper of the Answers. Honestly, for years, I absolutely felt responsible for answering all the questions. I felt obligated to have the right answer at the right time. I felt burdened by the risk of answering wrong; by the possibility of leading astray.

It’s a heavy burden to be a question-answering mom.

In fact, the burden is TOO heavy!

And the reason it’s too heavy is because the burden just simply doesn’t belong to us! I don’t need to have all the answers. I don’t need to solve every dilemma. I don’t need to make certain and understandable what is uncertain and unknown.

That’s just NOT my responsibility!

So, what is my responsibility? Shall I just leave my children floundering; must I send them off to find their own answers? Should I, heaven forbid, send them to their friends and Facebook to find their solutions? How do I help those children I love so deeply, when I don’t know the answers myself?

Here’s the truth…

Anchor hebrews6

I don’t need to know all the answers; I just need to be securely anchored to the One who does know all the answers!

Jesus has the answers my kids need. Jesus has the answers my friends need. Jesus has the answers I need!

When I’m anchored closely, securely, firmly, and passionately to the Lord Jesus Christ… He provides the right answer at the right time.

When I am in the Word, on my knees, and elbow deep in service to Him… He provides the right answer at the right time.

When I’m confessed up, prayed up, and looking up… He provides the right answer at the right time.

When I’ve surrendered, submitted, and nailed self to the cross… He provides the right answer at the right time.

It’s easy, really. I just need to stop worrying about the questions and instead, turn my focus on the only true Answer… Jesus.

Jesus, and the answers found in His Word, will do more to light the dark places, clear away uncertainty, and reassure my children of His protection, provision, and absolute passion for them, than my meager words could ever accomplish!

Maybe the answer is this…

When, I’m overwhelmed by the “mom, mom, Moms,” I just need to call out Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

May you be blessed today and find your answers in Him,