A Double-Minded Doubter

James 1:5

“But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all men generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.


Do you have unanswered questions, today?

Are there worries and concerns and cares on your heart that wrestle and struggle to control your thoughts… your attitude… your day?

Do you wonder what the future holds and whether you’re ready to face that future?

I do!

I’ve been a believer for 32 years now. James 1:5 isn’t new to me, in fact, at one point I had the entire book of James memorized and verse 5 of Chapter 1 flowed from my lips each time I practiced my verses. The problem isn’t in the “knowing” of verse 5, the problem, for me, is in the “living out” of verse 5!

I definitely understand the need to go to God with those unanswerable questions. Honestly, I would say that I’m pretty quick to run to the Word and prayer when doubtful things come into my life. However, although I’m quick to ask of God, I’m just as quick to question His answer, over-think His response, and wonder if it’s truly okay for me to ask.

I could come up with some really great ways to rationalize all three of those responses, but the true answer is this… I’m a double-minded doubter!

Regardless of how much sense God’s answer to my question makes, I still choose to run back to doubt.

Regardless of how clear His instructions, I still choose to over-analyze and over-think and honestly, try to come up with a better idea.

Regardless of how often the Word of God says, “Come,” I still choose to beat myself up with thoughts like, “I should know this…” or “Here I go again…” or “Is God tired of me?”

Regardless of God’s faithfulness, I still choose to live the life of a doubter!

So, how do I replace doubt with faith and questions with God-directed answers?

The answer is really simple… almost too simple, and that’s why I miss it far too often.

The more time I spend getting to know the character of my God through time in His Word, the less doubt I will have about his faithfulness toward me and my questions.


The more time I spend building intimacy with my God through personal times of prayer and supplication, the less I will doubt his intimate interaction on my behalf.


The more time I spend hiding His Word in my heart to remind me of His care in those moments when I begin to doubt my worth, the less I will self-recriminate and the more I will see myself as He sees me… Precious and of great value, even when I’m back asking the same question One.More.Time.

All those questions I face every day, every “what-if?”, “but how?”, and “why me?” aren’t really questions to my God. He knows the answer before I can even formulate the question! He knows the outcome. He knows the results, the consequences, the blessings, and the hardships.

Most of all, He knows that every question I face can ultimately serve to make me more like Him… If I let it!

How about you? Do you have some of those unanswerable questions troubling your heart today? Will you take them to the One who holds the answers in His hand? The One who longs to share those answers with you? Will you take those answers and choose trust, instead of doubt?

God has the answers to our questions, and He, Himself, is the answer to our questioning hearts! Run, don’t walk, to Him and find your answers, today.