Like it… Love it… Gotta have it?

Are you looking for a way to turn the holidays into a time of spiritual growth, family unity, and wonderful lifelong memories?

Start this Christmas season off right by helping your family turn their focus off of self and on to serving others!

Christmas is one of those holidays that, if we’re not careful, can tempt us to fall victim to the “Like it… Love it… Gotta have it” syndrome. In our rush to decorate beautifully, entertain exquisitely, and acquire heedlessly it’s so easy to lose sight of the wonderful opportunity that we’ve been given to use this holiday to bless others and glorify our God.


The busyness of doing, doing, doing can leave us empty and regretful of the opportunities we’ve missed along the way.

What’s the antidote?


Serving others will build great character muscles for your whole family. Character qualities like compassion, respect, honor, commitment, benevolence, and empathy will grow and thrive in the fertile soil of service to others.

It would be quick and easy to just choose some service opportunities for yourself and the kids, and then get busy serving. However, part of the growth process for everyone in the family involves learning to notice needs and recognize opportunities.

This week, before ever embarking on the adventure of serving others, spend some time allowing each family member to list two or three people that they would like to serve this Christmas. Compile and share your lists with one another, then brainstorm the different ways that you can serve, fill needs, and bless those people on the list. Different people have different needs, so be creative and help your children learn to THINK BIG when it comes to serving others!


Toys will break, clothing will be outgrown, even the latest technology gift of this year will soon be outdated and cast off, but the investment we make in serving others will pay spiritual dividends for an eternity!