Have You Been Encouraged to be an Encourager?

All It Takes Is a Little Thought to be an Impactful Encourager


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Now Joseph, a Levite of Cyprian birth, who was also called Barnabas by the apostles (which translated means Son of Encouragement),

Acts 4:36

The book of Acts introduces us to the man who would become incredibly instrumental in the life of Paul. However, instead of pointing out that he was the teacher of Paul or a fellow servant of the Lord with Paul, the Scripture forever reminds us that Barnabus, by his very name and nature, was a “Son of Encouragement.”

I don’t know about you, but if I could be remembered forever by one character quality, encouragement would be right smack-dab at the top of my list!

When we encourage others, we literally build their courage. Whether someone needs the courage to follow God in faithful obedience, to make a new life-changing decision, to stop destructive patterns of behavior, or any other of the myriad choices we make each day, we have the opportunity, and truly, responsibility, to pour courage into one another’s lives.

To put it another way: Responsible believers must encourage other believers!

The Scriptures are full of admonitions to encourage, exhort, lift up, remind, and strengthen one another. In a world that is full-to-overflowing with discouragement, Christians can shine for Christ as they exhibit others-oriented encouragement.

How about you?

Would your friends and acquaintances consider you someone who brings encouragement into their lives?

How about your family?

Is your family characterized by encouraging words and relationship building exhortations? Or, is the norm in your home sarcasm and “funny” put-downs?

It only takes one person to change the entire atmosphere of a home. Won’t you, like Barnabus, become the Son of Encouragement to those whom you love? Pouring encouragement into the lives of others is contagiously attractive. As your friends and family are blessed by your words and actions of encouragement, they’ll be inspired to exhibit that same life-giving character in their own lives and to then encourage more people.

What could be better than a never-ending cycle of encouragement!

Encouraging others doesn’t cost us a dime! All it takes is an eye to see those who need a timely dose of the strengthening that comes from encouragement and a commitment to be the one who takes on the responsibility of graciously pouring out that life-giving encouragement that they need!