What a beautiful time of the year!

This week’s Snatching Joy tip is absolutely soul-filling. Every day, make sure you make time to get outside and revel in God’s creation.

Find a few moments each day to (by yourself) stand in awe as you consider the work of the Lord’s hands. Gather some leaves, pinecones, or acorns and make an arrangement for your home to bring the outside in. Allow the Lord to quiet and calm your heart as He fills you with the joy of creation.

For you moms of little ones … trust me, it can be done! When your tiny humans lie down for their naps, use your time wisely. Fight the urge to get to work or to veg out on the couch. Instead, walk outside and drink in the beauty of the season.

Creation is one of God’s sweetest avenues for restoring our souls and amplifying our JOY!