The Picasso of Plumbing

Does it surprise you to know that there isn’t a
one-size-fits all description of a dreamer?


Well, it surprised me!

For years, I had constructed a vision of “dreamer-like”
qualities in my mind. I fine-tuned that dream in hopes that someday, I would
become one of “them.”


In my mind, all male dreamers were tall.

With deep, thoughtful eyes…

And, just a touch of grey at the temples…

I just knew that I would know one when I met one…


My vision of female dreamers was even more complete.

I was sure that dreamers all dressed in white. (Calgon take
me away!)

Their flowing white garments would gently cascade as they
strolled gracefully across the floor.

They had long lustrous hair…

And eyes that were deep pools of mystery.


I was pretty sure that I would never make it to the dreamer

White makes me look fat…

If my skirt is too long I trip going up the stairs…

I’m blind without my glasses….

And no one has EVER accused me of having long lustrous hair.

Obviously, I Was Doomed.

But then,

I began to meet dreamers.

I met tall dreamers and short dreamers.

Dreamers in blue jeans, and sandals, and pumps, and jumpers.

Dreamers with long hair and short hair and even some with NO

I met dreamers who were outgoing.

And dreamers who were introverts.

And dreamers who were so practical I wondered how their
dreams could survive… But they did.

Those dreamers produced art, and books, and beauty…

And some really practical, very useful, at first glance
unexciting, masterpieces.

Which brings me to Sir Joseph Bazalgette.

Ever heard of him?


I didn’t think so.

Sir Joseph dreamed a dream and created a system that changed
our world for the better. It’s a system that still makes my life better
Every.Single.Day. He created a system that I’m thankful to use and I’m positive
that you’re thankful to use it also.

You just don’t know who to thank!

Let me explain.

In the mid 1800s, the world experienced a new and wonderful

The toilet.


Yep, mankind could finally flush their troubles away…

The problem was this; although toilets had been invented,
and everyone loved their toilets, no one bothered to develop a septic system.
Instead, all that new-found, continually produced waste just meandered to the
nearest water source.

In London, in 1858, that water source was the famed Thames

That summer, during a record heat wave, Sir Joe was charged
with finding the solution to “The Big Stink of 1858.”

Now, I have to tell you, with seven kids 12 and under, I
feel Sir Joseph’s pain. Like him, I was in charge of “The Big Stink” of 1984,
1985, 1986, 1987… I think you get the idea.


But Sir Joseph’s stink problem put my little stinkers to

This guy was the Sultan of Stink…

The Ruler of Ripe…

The Prince of P-U!

You couldn’t have paid me enough to fix his problem!!

But fix the problem he did.

Sir Joseph Bazalgette was undaunted by the stink and unfazed
by the enormity of the problem. He took his already developed skills and
combined them with his imagination and ingenuity and Voila! No more stinky

You see, sometimes, dreams aren’t awe inspiring to look at,
but they’re awesome nonetheless.

Sometimes on the surface another man’s dreams seem tame, but
underneath the surface they’re teeming with problem-solving potential.
(Metaphor intended!)

Don’t ever disparage another man’s dreams!

Sir Joseph’s dream may not have been beautiful to behold…

But it sure made my home more beautiful! (And less stinky, too!)

Keep dreaming!



Look around you home. If you want to be encouraged, do some
research and learn about the dreamers who made your life sweeter, simpler, and
in some cases, sanitary(er).