The Benefits of Dream Sharing

It’s taken me years, but I finally realized that my dream is
only as important as I allow it to be.

I shared a couple of days ago just how hard it was for me to
articulate my dream of becoming a writer. Keeping that little tidbit of
information to myself really cheated me out of the opportunity to allow my
family to embrace my dream with me.


They had no way of knowing what was in my heart.

They had no understanding of the absolute compulsion I felt
to write.

They were robbed of the chance to help me as I worked to
become what I dreamed of becoming.

In retrospect, my refusal to admit and embrace what I was dreaming day and night, selfishly locked my loved ones out of my inner

But now…

Now that I’ve verbalized what I am… A writer.

And engaged in what I love to do… Write.

My family is free to do what they do best… Encourage me!

Now, instead of being frustrated when my eyes are glazed
over and I miss what’s being said, they understand that my brain is racing at
100 miles an hour.

Instead of asking what I’m thinking, they encourage me to
“Go Write It Down!”

Giving myself permission to put a name to what I dream….

“I’m a writer and I write!”

Has paved the way for me to articulate my needs and then
allow my family to meet my needs.

Suddenly, it’s okay to say I need my own computer.

For years, “Mom’s” laptop was the kid laptop as well. Eight
children used it to play games, write reports, and chat with friends.

I felt guilty every time I tried to point out that it was
MINE and I needed to use it to write. No one knew how important the writing
was, so why did I need the laptop?


Clearly articulating my dream totally changed that dynamic.
Now, the whole family sees my laptop as my TOOL. They get it. Truthfully, they
would have gotten it a long time ago… It was my problem, not theirs.

Not sharing the needs your dreams present isn’t noble; in
fact, sometimes it’s nothing more than a pity party waiting to happen.

(Can you say martyr???)

As soon as it became obvious that not only did I love to
write, but that my writing was going to be a major part of our ministry, things
started changing…

I had my own desk… No more sharing my space!

I had my time… Suddenly, “Mom’s busy” took on new

I had cheerleaders… This family has got my back! Yes,
sometimes they are my most discerning critics, but they also, to a person,
encourage and cheer me on.

As my kids have watched me tenaciously pursue my dream,
they’ve begun to show the same commitment to realizing their own dreams.

They’ve seen that it’s ok to dream out loud!

They’ve recognized the joy that comes from dream-pursuing!

They’ve tentatively begun to stick their toes in the stream
of their own fast-flowing dreams!

Even if my dream never takes me further than our family
bookshelves, seeing my children develop the courage to pursue their own dreams
is reward enough.

Do it today…

Share your heart, your passion, and your dream.

Dreams hoarded become dreams wasted.

Dreams shared become dreams multiplied!

Keep dreaming,



Who needs to know your dream? Have you shared your dream with your loved ones? It’s ok… You can do it!