What If Your Dreams Could Come True?

All my kids came home to visit this weekend.

All eight of them…


I’d forgotten how busy, and silly, and LOUD my house could
be when the whole family is together.

Our time together was refreshing.

And rewarding…

And reminding.

Yep, our time together reminded me, once again, that there
are dreams that I just can’t hold on to. I just can’t lay claim to. I just
can’t expect…

Why? Because those are dreams that Don’t Belong To Me.

I catch myself longing for a “dream family” that just
doesn’t exist.

I picture us baking cookies together, working on our family
scrapbooks together, and ending our evening sitting by the fire eating homemade
goodies, sipping hot chocolate, and singing Kumbaya accompanied by my husband’s
guitar… Together!


(The closest we got was a very competitive round of Just Dance!)


There’s nothing inherently wrong with that dream.

That dream would be sweet and wonderful.

I know several family’s that seem to personify that dream.

There’s just one problem…

That dream doesn’t fit with our family.


Our family of 10 is bright, and intelligent, and passionate,
and articulate. (That’s the positive spin.)

We’re also sarcastic, and opinionated, and pig-headed, and

That’s just who we are and honestly, the apples, (all 8 of
didn’t fall far from their parental trees.


So, what do you do with a dream that doesn’t fit? How do you
reconcile the reality of the situation with the vision of the dream?

I think the answer is found in letting go.

Letting go of expectations.

Letting go of “I just thought we’d…”

Letting go of a dream that simply put, Doesn’t Belong To Me!

There are dreams that are uniquely mine; dreams that have
been placed in my heart and for which I’ve been specifically prepared to live.

But there are also dreams that don’t belong to me.

impossible to own a dream that involves so many other people.

I can’t make anyone else fit into my dream and I can’t make
my dream theirs. I’m simply able, and perhaps, responsible, to faithfully live
my own dream. My own calling.

Here’s what I comes down to for me…

Let It Go!

When I free others from the shackles of living my “dream,” I
free them to be dreamers and dream-livers themselves. When they are free to
live their own dreams, I’m free to encourage them, love them, and share this
dreaming life together.

Trying to fit others into a dream mold that isn’t theirs
just isn’t worth it!

Live your dream.

Encourage their dreams.

Love your dream-living, together.

Keep dreaming,


Are there dreams that you are trying clinging to that just don’t belong to you? Make a commitment to freeing those dreams and liberating your “dream victims!”