The Dream Team

Who’s got your back?

Who is daily involved in helping you to fulfill your deepest dreams?

We all need a dream team!

Allow me to share my “Dream Team” with you…


This guy cares as deeply for my dreams as he cares for his own! In fact, he’s been known to ignore his dreams to help me see mine…


They’re not really as tough as they look, but these men of mine protect my dreams fiercely. They’re quick to defend me, they delight in my work, and they dessimate me in laughter. Besides, they love my cooking so I’ve got that going for me!


In each of these beauties, I’ve seen different parts of my dreams come to life! They are my staunchest supporters and the sounding board for my over-flowing ideas. They make me wish I’d had sisters!


This group helps me find that elusive word… They catch my mistakes… They make everything I do better!


Every time I say, “I don’t think I can…” this one says, “Yes, you can. And you will!” And then, he helps me do and say what seems impossible!


When these three combine, they make it their mission to force me to laugh at myself. Sometimes, they drive me nuts… But without them, “Meggie would be all work and no play!”


I’ve lost count of the number of times that this “Dream Team” member has taken my dream and pushed it to higher heights. She keeps me striving, struggling, and hopefully, improving.


We all need someone on our team to just hug us, pat our back, and tell us we’re wonderful. I’d be a puddle of miserable insecurities without this guy!


Meet the, “You can do it, Mom!” crew. These two never doubt me…Even when I doubt myself. I.Could.Not.Dream without them.

Who’s on your team? It’s so important to allow your team to carry your dream with you. 

My team encourages me when I’m doubtful.

My team pushes me to achieve.

My team keeps me from failing. 

I fail myself everyday. You know; the acceptable failures.

“I’ll just eat one more cookie…”

“Five more minutes on Facebook won’t hurt anything…”

“I didn’t really want to finish that project anyway…”

Yep, I fail myself everyday.

Sometimes from the moment my feet hit the floor.

But this team,

My “dream team,”

I don’t want to fail them. I don’t want to let them down. I want them to be proud of me!

Find your team,

Give them access to your dream,

Watch your dream reach new levels of dreaminess!

Keep dreaming,


Stop what your doing! If you haven’t identified your “dream team,” do it right now!!