The Daily Doldrums of Dreaming

Dreams don’t just happen overnight.


I wish they did!

Sometimes, when I see other people enjoying what they love to do it seems as though maybe they were just lucky.

They were just prettier… or smarter… or better connected than me.

When I step back and really think about it though, I know better.

Dreams don’t just land in our laps with a label announcing:

“Hey Look at Me! I’m your dream come true.”

Real dream-achievers work, and rework, and then do it all over again.


For me, working toward my dream has meant living everyday in the normalcy of life.

As I worked faithfully to develop my mothering, and my wife(ing), and my relationship skills, God was at work, too.

He was at work building patience, and diligence, and long-suffering, and self-control into my life. He replaced the wistful longing for a “quick-fix” dream with the passion needed to carry through.

I had to learn to carry through when my time was limited.

I had to learn to carry through when NOONE was interested.

I had to learn to carry through when I Just.Didn’t.Feel.Like.Working.Anymore!

Guess what, I’m still learning.

Maybe, I’m just a slow learner but my sense is that some of you might be slow learners, too.

Tomorrow we’ll begin exploring the work involved in dream-living. Don’t be scared! When you’re pursuing something you love, even when the work is long, hard, or tedious… it’s worth it!


But you can believe this; regardless of the cost involved in making your dream a reality, the joy is found in the work, the sweat, and the whole-hearted devotion to living your dream-reality.

Keep dreaming,