Who’s Afraid of the Boogie Man?

Sometimes, right in the midst of writing “the next blog installment,” another rather impolite blog idea just keeps interrupting. Rudely and invasively, thoughts that just don’t fit what I’m writing about jostle, and push, and shove their way into the forefront of my writing thought-life.

Like a child who refuses to be ignored; they call a stop to what I’m doing.


That’s what happened today.

I intended to write a very practical blog regarding how to live out your dreams in the normalcy of everyday life.

I had all good intentions to remind myself and others that our dreams are sometimes built slowly and day by day.

I really wanted to get moving with the more practical side of daring dreams.

But that’s just not going to happen.

This blog is the result of my inner thoughts, turmoil, and angst.

Sorry, you’ll just have to bear with me!


I’m learning this truth… Sometimes living your dreams is downright intimidating.

Sometimes it’s scary and more often than not, it pushes me outside of my comfort zone.

That’s the the way it went this weekend.

Friday, I flew to Kansas City, MO. I don’t usually fly alone, so that right there was enough to cause me inner angst.

I flew stand-by, with the always-lingering doubts about whether I’ll actually get to where I think I’m going.

I departed for an unknown city, to meet unknown people, and to share a new, dream-inspired talk, which I hoped would inspire, encourage, and excite the audience. But I just wasn’t sure…

On the outside, I was Miss Traveling Speaker.

On the inside… I just wanted my mommy!

What if my luggage didn’t make it?

What if my talk was a bomb?

What if I lost my driver’s license and was forced to live in the Kansas City airport for the rest of my life?

(When I’m nervous, I might perhaps tend to get a teensy-weensy bit melodramatic.)

I just wish being uptight and anxious made me lose my appetite. But NO, when I’m feeling stretched and challenged I just want to eat everything in sight… Especially chocolate!


All that to say this: Living your daring dream isn’t always the easy road.

It isn’t always the comfortable, “everything’s gonna be alright,” way of living.

For me, it becomes a continual choice.

Is the dream, the passion that drives me, worth the emotional energy?

Is it worth the physical upheaval? The emotional turmoil? The extraordinary expenditure of energy required to make it work?

Questions that demand an answer.

When I take the time to ask myself those soul-searching questions the answer is always YES! But, I have to remind myself of that answer over and over and over and over again.

When my own bed is calling my name.

When I’m not sure if what I’m sharing will be welcomed.

When I’m trying new foods, driving new roads, and meeting new people… Again.

I must stop and remind myself of the reality of my life.

For me, to ignore my passions is to shrivel and die inside. To forgo the new challenges and remain in the comfortable convenience of my everyday life is to be dishonoring to the dream in my heart.

So frightened or not, I must go on.

I dare not quit and sound the retreat!

So off to this weekend I went.

And you know what?

It wasn’t so hard after all!

I met some great people. I shared from my heart. I sampled “Burnt Ends” (yummy). And, I learned that every time I thought I was in Kansas, I was in Missouri… And vice versa. I still haven’t figured that one out yet!

Challenge is good.

Stretching is good.

Even fear, when it motivates me to try even harder, is good.

The only bad dream is the dream you never attempt.

So be prepared, get ready, and when the Fear-Mongering, Dream-Squashing, Boogie Man rears his ugly head, just tighten your laces, stick your chin in the air, and Do.It.Anyway…IStock_000010918636Small

(Oops! Wrong kind of boogie man!)

Keep dreaming,


What kind of boogie man is keeping you from realizing your dreams? Don’t be afraid; He can’t hurt you!