When is a Library not a Library?


When it’s the Billy Graham Library, of course!

CATL Exterior

I recently had the privilege to attend a blogger’s luncheon hosted by the library and may I just say, I was blown away! From the warm welcome to the delicious food to the private tour and a chance to catch a glimpse of the heart of the Billy Graham ministry… I was floored.

Visiting the library isn’t just a special treat for bloggers. The Library and grounds welcome visitors from all over the world. A favorite destination year-round, the Library is never more beautiful than during the Christmas holiday. Although it’s near the Charlotte Douglas airport and situated right off Billy Graham Parkway, the library provides visitors a tranquil, calming, and beautiful experience.

Although it’s called a “library,” what I discovered after walking through the foot of the giant cross was a treasure-store of our nation’s history. As I leisurely strolled through each exhibit, I caught a glimpse of our past, as experienced by Billy Graham.

Each fascinating exhibit displays a different aspect of Billy Graham’s ministry, complete with video footage allowing me to watch Mr. Graham in action. Whether he was preaching to thousands, counseling presidents and world leaders, or spending time with his beloved wife, Ruth, the exhibits helped me to know the man behind the history.


Our family has always tried to live out the motto: Committed to Excellence in Christ. That sentiment is exactly what I found on display at the Billy Graham Library. In the Christmas season, that excellence is raised to an even higher standard. The decorations alone are awe-inspiring and stunningly beautiful.

Are you looking for a way to ensure that Christ is part of your Christmas celebration? A visit to the library will provide just that opportunity! With a live nativity, horse-drawn carriage rides, carolers, story time for the kids, and  of course, goodies, there’s always something to do!

Wondering who would enjoy a visit to the library? Although I think everyone would find something special, Just.For.Them, I’m especially excited to share the library with several specific types of loved ones…

For older folks, the library will do more than just take them back in history. For them, the history exhibited equals memories lived. I’m excited to walk through the library with older friends and to initiate conversations about their own history; memories sparked by the history of Billy Graham!

I can’t think of a better destination for my 15 year old son, Stephen. Just this past summer he recommitted his life to Christ and he’s anxious to see where the Lord will take him. I’m convinced that seeing what God has accomplished through the life of Billy Graham, a simple man who was wholly committed to a great God, will open avenues for the Holy Spirit to speak to and encourage his heart. In a culture that provides questionable role models, Billy Graham provides a great hero of the faith for our sons to emulate. I’m excited to see him begin to dream great dreams for God!

Finally, for my unsaved friends, the Library provides another avenue to share the gospel in a gentle and unoffensive way. Through the videos shown in each exhibit, the gospel is clearly presented. The final exhibit, a look at Billy Graham’s invitations for salvation, will provide an opportunity for me to begin a conversation with those folks that I’ve been praying would happen. What an exciting thought!

Don’t waste another minute. Get out your planner, clear your schedule, and find a way to visit the library this Christmas season. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Here’s a link with all the information you need to make this a special holiday tradition at the Billy Graham Library.

May you have a joyous and Christ-filled Christmas!