A 25-Day Countdown to a Character-Filled Christmas Day #6


Day #6
Hebrews 13:18

Honor is a character quality that seems to have fallen by the wayside in recent years. However, although it may no longer be culturally expected to exhibit honor, as you choose to show honor regardless, you will build your own personal character and your reputation will become one of integrity.

Who deserves to be shown our honor? Is honor a character quality that should only be extended to royalty or to those who hold a position of preeminence? I don’t think so.

Honor can and should be shown to those who by virtue of age or experience have gained a higher station of life. Whether it is a retired military veteran or our own grandparents, their life experience and the wisdom gained thereby, make those folks worthy of our honor.

Showing honor can be a truly enjoyable family activity. Make a list of the people in your life who deserve to be honored. Perhaps your list will contain grandparents, elderly neighbors, retired policemen, pastors, or teachers. After making your family’s list, spend some time planning how you will extend honor in practical ways to those people.

Handwritten notes and gifts that convey thankfulness toward those honor-worthy folks will brighten and encourage their hearts. Moms, encourage your children to show honor to their father. Fathers, take the time to do the same for Mom. No parent is without flaws, but by virtue of your role as their parent, your children should extend honor to you.

Your children will become character-champions as they learn to show honor to those who love and care for them. 

One year, my own children made an extensive list of all the things they loved and admired about their dad. When we read the list out loud at the dinner table, he was touched and honored. It took so little time to extend honor to the man who works so hard to provide, protect, and love this little family of ours.

As you commit to building the character quality of honor, you will begin to recognize people all throughout your day who would be thrilled to be recognized and honored. All it takes is a few moments of others-oriented planning and execution.

As we learn in Hebrews 13, when we carefully act honorably in all things, we will be blessed with a clear conscience. That’s priceless!

To whom can you show honor today?