A 25-Day Countdown to a Character-Filled Christmas Day #20

IStock_000014097442SmallDay #20

Luke 16:10


Today’s character quality will build positive character for life!

The world is in desperate need of folks who demonstrate the character quality of dependability. Workers who show up late, sporadically, or not at all, handicap businesses. Organizations that are intended to help and serve others find themselves unable to fulfill their mission when those who raised their hand to help find something better to do. 


There is no better time to teach dependability than during the Christmas season. Opportunities to serve abound and when we avail ourselves of those opportunities and see them through to the end, we are building a family testimony of dependability. As you consider which opportunities to pick, may I encourage you to commit wholly and take ownership of those opportunities; instead of simply volunteering?


The world doesn’t need more willing volunteers.

No, it needs eager and committed workers who show ownership in their chosen endeavors.

When we simply see ourselves as expendable volunteers, several unhealthy dynamics come into play. First, as volunteers we assume no ownership for whatever task we are volunteering to do. Owners show up and give it their all; volunteers assume the ownership is elsewhere.


A second problem inherent in seeing ourselves as a volunteer is the temptation to quit when something better comes along. Or, when we aren’t so excited about the service project any longer. Or, when it’s just not fun anymore! When we change our mindset and take ownership of our service, we will stick with it regardless of the circumstances.


Finally, when we see ourselves as simply volunteers, it is easy to avoid immersing ourselves in the lives of those whom we are serving. Sometimes, we begin to mechanically fill the need without establishing a heart connection. Committed workers ask good questions, remember people’s situations, and follow-up as appropriate.

In other words, we become dependable servants to those whom we are serving.


As you build dependability by investing in holiday service opportunities, you will be laying the groundwork for dependable character all throughout your children’s lives. What a legacy! What a wonderful formula for success as they enter adulthood. Dependable young people will find a myriad of opportunities opening up to them.


Help your children learn to be dependable in the little things of life. As they develop dependability in those little areas, their larger areas of responsibility will grow and flourish. They will become believers marked by faithfulness in all areas of their lives.


Find opportunities.

Commit wholeheartedly.

Finally, watch your entire family grow and develop a character marked by dependability.