A 25-Day Countdown to a Character-Filled Christmas Day #21


Day #21


Psalm 89:28


Today’s character quality is loyalty. Although there are many ways that we can exhibit misaligned loyalty, loyalty to good and worthy causes is a tremendous character quality.

Have you ever considered loyalty as a necessary character quality? Unlike simple shared likes and experiences, loyalty to a group, cause, or family will keep us united even when times are difficult.


Here’s how the dictionary defines loyalty: A feeling and attitude of devoted attachment and affection.

In other words, loyalty begins in our heart and then is exhibited outwardly.


How loyal is your family to one another? Sometimes, because of busyness or inattention, our family members can begin to feel taken for granted or unappreciated. When friends, work, or outside activities distract our attention, our spouses and children may feel as though they are an afterthought, instead of the focus of our love and devotion.


The holidays are a special time to change a poor family dynamic, or to continue building a rich family legacy of loyalty. As you spend time investing in your family relationships, you will build a sense of family unity, oneness, and ultimately, loyalty to one another. Don’t miss this opportunity.


It isn’t the amount of money we spend on one another that will make us loyal to our families.

It isn’t simply the fact that we are related to one another that will build loyalty.

It is our intentional family relationships and commitments to love, protect, and encourage one another that build a strong family identity and loyalty to one another.


Does your family know what makes them unique?

Taking the time to construct a family mission statement will assist you in raising your standard of family loyalty. Consider what is most important to your family. Is it serving, or giving, or praying, or laughing together? Craft those important “something’s” into a simple statement and give a copy to each family member.


When our families know that we are united and moving forward toward one goal, they will be intensely loyal to each another. As a special family gift, have your family mission statement printed on parchment paper and then frame it and hang it prominently in your home.


Remind your family that just as you are loyal to one another, even more so, God is loyal to your family. Once each family member has trusted Christ as his/her Lord and Savior, they can be secure in their God who faithfully remains loyal, here on earth and forever in heaven. Now that’s loyalty!


Knowing that their family is loyally behind them and supporting them will build strong walls of security for our children. Children who feel secure will be courageous and able to face their daily challenges. If loyalty isn’t your family’s strength, change that dynamic! Do whatever it takes to establish and nourish this important family-focused character quality.