A 25-Day Countdown to a Character-Filled Christmas Day #22



Day #22


Galatians 6:9


What does it mean to have a character defined by perseverance? Is perseverance something for adults to demonstrate, but it’s just unattainable for our kids? Without perseverance, is it possible to accomplish great things?


Today’s character quality is what marks the difference between those who live their dreams and those who only dream their dreams. Daydreamers who lack the perseverance to “get the job done!” will never realize the fulfillment of all they want to accomplish.


On the other hand, those who have learned the important character quality of perseverance will keep going when the going gets tough. When circumstances or other people seem to oppose what they are trying to accomplish, those who have developed perseverance will find a way around the obstacles.

Those folks understand that quitters never prosper.

Christmas is a great time to teach your children to embrace the character quality of perseverance. Actually, the weeks leading up to Christmas are the BEST time to teach this character quality. Our children’s desire to purchase gifts for the holidays will provide us with a fertile training ground to teach perseverance.

Although it is tempting, and sometimes easier, to just give our children money to buy gifts for their friends and family, may I encourage you to choose another route? 


When your children need money to purchase gifts, offer them jobs that they may complete in order to earn that money. Mom and Dad, don’t make the jobs too easy or obviously unnecessary. Our children are no dummies; they know when what they are doing is just filling time. Instead, make a list of the important jobs that need to be completed. Concentrate on choosing jobs that will take time, energy, and a strong commitment to finish. When your children want to quit, or want to do a half-job for half of the pay, encourage them to keep going!


When our children learn to work consistently, diligently, and persistently until they have completed a job, they are learning perseverance. When we make life too easy for our children, we are handicapping them in the long run.

Children who have not developed a character of perseverance will find it difficult to stick with academics, jobs, and sadly, relationships.


Perseverance is one of those character qualities that affects every area of our lives. Don’t be too quick to take away the hindrances that slow your children’s completion of a job. Instead, allow them to brainstorm, push-on, and ultimately, persevere. They’ll thank you someday for the perseverance you demonstrated while teaching them to persevere!


Persevere in prayer.

Persevere in patience.

Persevere in well doing…

Your reward in heaven will be great!