When Opportunities Abound

This week is such an exciting week for our family and ministry!

Because of Steve's 9/11 story, the week of September 11th is always especially busy. He's always traveling somewhere, we do radio and television interviews, and my book sales always see a bump in popularity. 

This year, however, is extra exciting!

On Thursday, September 11th, Steve and I will begin 2 days of on-air interviews with Dr. James Dobson on his show, Family Talk.


I don't know about you, but as a new believer and an even newer mom, Dr. Dobson was like a father to me. I had know idea how to go about training my new baby to love the Lord.

Who am I kidding…? I had no idea how to train myself to love the Lord!

Dr. Dobson, and his well-chosen guests, became my spiritual mentors, helping to lay a foundation of Godly wisdom for me to build upon.

Sometimes, when I meet someone whom I've looked up to for years, I'm disappointed. But not this time! Dr. Dobson is an incredibly sweet and welcoming man. Honestly, I lost my own father 14 years ago and the afternoon spent with Dr. Dobson was like having my dad back for just a few hours.

Obviously, we spent a fair amount of time in the interview talking about September 11th, but we were able to spend just as much time talking about family, ministry, and the Lord. One thing is for sure… Dr. Dobson loves Jesus and he is a man who has stuck his neck out, over and over again, for the cause of Christ.

For those of you who know Steve…

I'm not sure what will make it into the broadcast, but Dr. Dobson asked us how we met and fell in love. Fortunately, he addressed the question to ME and I was able to tell him the real story. Not Steve's version which includes him being my parole officer and meeting me while I was in prison. That Man!!

Our second amazing opportunity comes at 5:00 pm EST. Steve has been invited to be Glenn Beck's featured guest on The Glenn Beck Television Program.



We have prayed for many years about an opportunity to connect with Glenn and this is such an answer to prayer. Steve and Glenn share a common passion and commitment to seeing the American culture changed. This interview will open the door for Steve to share our ministry and how we see God moving through Characterhealth to bring about change that will impact the world for Jesus Christ!

We covet your prayers as these opportunities unfold. This isn't just and exciting day for us. This is a day for the whole Characterhealth family to celebrate, as we share what it means to train a new generation of courageous, Christ-like, Character-healthy leaders!