When Abounding Opportunities Become “What Have I Gotten Myself Into?”

Last week was an amazing week full of opportunities for ministry!

We were thrilled by the broadcasts on Family Talk with Dr. Dobson.

Steve shared with community leaders, homeschoolers, and church folks in Corpus Christi, Texas.


Through the Glenn Beck Program, Steve was able to articulate our passion for reaching parents with a message of hope and encouragement as they train their precious children. 

It was a great week and we’re so thankful for your notes of encouragement and prayers for protection, logistics, and boldness!

Those prayers were answered.

And then some…

After the Glenn Beck program, Steve called to tell me that Glenn wants to film a one hour parenting program to air on his station. He wants to gauge folks reactions to our teaching with an eye to making the show a regular feature.

Wow! I was so excited for Steve!

I thought, “What a awesome opportunity for Steve!”

I was convinced that Steve would be great!


I was totally unprepared for Steve to say this:

“Oh, the show isn’t just me… Glenn wants you to co-teach.”


Can I just be really honest with you? My first thoughts weren’t excited. My first thoughts weren’t full of gratitude and thankfulness. I didn’t start planning what I would teach.

Nope, instead I thought this.

“Wish I hadn’t eaten this…”


“Or this…”


“Making these was a bad idea…”


“And I definitely should have used this for something better…”


Don’t get me wrong! I’m thrilled at the opportunities that God is bringing to our ministry, but increased opportunities mean increased exposure.

Increased transparency.

Increased personal vulnerability.

And those areas of vulnerability are the very spots that Satan attacks and tries to nullify my effectiveness for Christ.

Those of you who follow our ministry know the trials we’ve faced these past few months.

Big, scary, life-altering trials!

Walking through those trials has kept me close to Jesus. As we’ve prayed and trusted Christ, there’s been no room for the enemy. Big trials built big faith.

But those little trials…

Those areas that make me feel insecure, or inadequate, or inept… those areas are ripe for the devil!

Satan shows up in the little circumstances that tempt me to doubt.

Take Friday for instance…

Realizing that I was going to be filming a television show, and reeling from the reality of my recent baking (and eating) frenzies, I went (virtuously, I might add) to the grocery store salad bar. I had every intention of constructing a healthy salad with grilled chicken.

I filled my plastic bowl with “fresh spring greens.” I loaded up on the cucumbers, celery, carrots, and cabbage… All the low-calorie and high fiber fillers I could find. Then, I proceeded to the container marked “Grilled Chicken.”

I stared in disbelief!

The grilled chicken looked so much better than I expected.

In fact, the grilled chicken looked exactly like apple strudel with a white sugar frosting drizzle.


I Peter 5:8 says that Satan prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

No kidding! Not only was he waiting to devour me, he was tempting me to devour that strudel!

It’s those little temptations that seduce me to fail!

“Get behind me Satan!” (Better him behind me than the strudel behind me… you know what I’m talking about!)

Do the “little” temptations trip you up? Is it your doubts about how you look, speak, relate to others, that rob you of daily opportunities to show Christ to your family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers?

Will you join me in saying, “No More!”

No more flinching in the face of personal insecurities and perceived failures; it’s time to take those thoughts captive and to captivate our world with the beauty of Jesus.

So during this Friday’s filming, I’m determined… It’s not about Megan… It’s all about Christ!

Will you join me in praying that the television program will have a tremendous impact for the Lord? Praying for the dear parents that will be in the “Live Studio Audience”? I know those parents will be just like all of the other parents to whom we minister.

They’ll be parents who fear for their children’s futures.

Parents who are watching their teens turn away from values they’ve been taught.

Parents who desperately love their children and want the best future for those kids.

Parents just like you and just like me!

So, as my friends, will you pray I’d forget the cameras, forget the lights, forget myself, and just show those parents Jesus? Because honestly, that’s what it’s all about!